Resident Wellness

Retreat Program

As part of our emphasis on resident wellness, we hold yearly retreats for every class (biannually for the PGY-2s). These serve as a way to regroup, bond and discuss the good and the difficult moments that come with being a resident. Residents overwhelmingly value these retreats as a way to take a break from the hustle and bustle of clinical work. The retreats are organized by Dr. Quinn Leslie, our director residency wellness and are supported by the residency leadership. Ask any graduate of the SLR program and they remember their retreats as a pivotal and unforgettable aspect of their residency.

PW (Physician's Weekly)

Founded in 2010 and a unique aspect to our program, PW is designed to promote wellness and community. Each Wednesday, residents gather at a chosen location to relax and enjoy each other's company. Whether at a restaurant, bar, someone's home, or an event, our residents (and often faculty) enjoy spending time with one another. This is a great opportunity to continue building the lifelong relationships you develop during your residency training and to spend time with each other outside of the hospital setting.

The City That Never Sleeps

Joining the Mount Sinai St. Luke's Roosevelt residency program will immediately welcome you into a training program with a long history of close residents who become family. Given the close proximity of most house staff living in the hospital housing, group activities and social events are common. Residents take advantage of discounted gym memberships, easy access to paths along the Hudson River and the innumerable cultural opportunities available in the city. Our department softball and volleyball teams are made up of both current residents, nurses and alumni and they compete in a city-wide league.