Our Alumni

In 2020, we celebrate our 25th anniversary training some of the best graduates of Emergency Medicine. As one of the oldest EM programs in the country, there is a vast network of MSMW/SLR alumni who are in locations far and wide both in academics and in the community. As a member of the program this network is at your disposal when looking for jobs or when you have general questions about a career choice. Our alumni also love to come back for our graduation ceremony, a testament to the appreciation they have for the three years of training and the friends made during this time.

Recent fellowship placements include:

  • Simulation: Mount Sinai MW, Mount Sinai Hospital, Brown University, Stanford University, Yale University
  • Ultrasound: Mount Sinai MW, University of Pennsylvania
  • Critical Care: Mount Sinai Hospital, University of Pittsburgh, Brigham & Women's Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Education: Harbor UCLA, OHSU, Jefferson University
  • Sports Medicine: Allegheny General Hospital, Northshore University
  • Public Health: CDC Epidemiologic Intelligence Service
  • Administration: Mount Sinai SLR
  • Global Health: UCSF, Mount Sinai SLR
  • EMS: FDNY, Long Island Jewish Medical Center
  • Disaster Medicine: Harvard University
  • Palliative Care: Mount Sinai Hospital

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Class of 2019

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