About the Program

Formerly known as St. Luke's-Roosevelt, the Mount Sinai Morningside/West Emergency Medicine Residency has trained expert clinicians, educators and researchers for 25 years and it continues to be recognized as a leader in residency training throughout New York City and nationwide. As one of the oldest residencies in the country, our alumni network is extensive and we boast graduates at all levels of leadership around the country. Our affiliation with the Mount Sinai Health System and the Icahn School of Medicine affords us wide ranging resources to provide our residents with top-notch opportunities that will help prepare them to be leaders in academic and clinical pursuits.

Home to one of the most diverse patient populations in the world, training in New York City prepares our residents for any and all challenges throughout their career. Mount Sinai West and Mount Sinai Morningside have historic connections to New York City as well as medical science. They have been caring for patients, serving the community, fostering medical innovation and training new physicians in nearly every specialty since they first opened their doors in the 1800s. They are now flagship teaching hospitals of the Mount Sinai Health System, one of the largest health systems in the United States.

Our residency is an ACGME fully accredited PGY 1-3 program with 60 EM residents and more than 50 full-time faculty. We are one of only two three-year Emergency Medicine residencies in Manhattan with our two campuses located on the Upper West Side. Combined, the two main residency sites treat over 160,000 patients each year. We serve patients from West/Greenwich Village, Midtown, Chelsea, the Theater District, Morningside Heights and Harlem. The two campuses are 3 miles apart and both our residents and faculty spend their time equally at each site. Despite their proximity, the patient populations served by the two hospitals are quite varied and provide our residents the opportunity to train in unique and complementary environments.

Our residents experience the entire spectrum of medicine and trauma in high acuity, busy urban emergency departments while maintaining a strong focus on academic pursuit. They have several educational tracks to choose from and, during their third year, serve as resident directors of an academic niche. Additionally, as a rule, all of our residents are published in peer-reviewed “FOAM” websites and/or academic journals. Our graduates will leave the program prepared to surpass the demands of any practice environment, evidenced by the success they have shown throughout the spectrum of community and academic emergency medicine practice.

We also understand that residency is not just clinical and academic work. While this will always be the primary focus, we truly believe in a balanced and healthy approach to training which emphasizes resident well-being and mental health. Our residents unanimously feel that this is a uniquely robust aspect of our residency and we see it as a true strength in our training. As a result, our residents and faculty are unusually energetic, engaged, dedicated and personally satisfied.

We have a distinctive educational curriculum, focused on small-group and flipped classroom paradigms which are highly rated by our residents as a highlight of their training. Our faculty are universally active during our didactic sessions and enjoy imparting their knowledge to the trainees. Additionally, we strongly believe that simulation is a highly effective form of education and continue to increasingly integrate it into our didactics and educational sessions. We have an exceptionally strong Simulation Division that continues to grow and interact with the residents on an ever-more frequent basis.

Our Emergency Medicine Faculty holds appointments at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and represents a diverse group of emergency physicians trained throughout the country. They are passionate about teaching and provide continuous supervision while fostering increasing levels of responsibility for our residents. They have lectured nationally and internationally and published papers, books and visual media in multiple areas of Emergency Medicine. Many of our faculty hold advanced degrees or fellowship training including Ultrasound, Simulation, Education, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Global Health, Sports Medicine, Palliative Care, EMS, Toxicology, Administration and Research.

Choosing our program will provide you with outstanding training in emergency medicine. You will leave equipped to practice in any environment and possess the skills to become a leader in our specialty. We pride ourselves on our sense of family that is easy to join but lasts a lifetime. We believe in diversity that mirrors our environment in NYC and we welcome residents from all backgrounds. The Mount Sinai Health System has been named one of the top 5 Hospitals and Health Systems by Diversity, Inc., as well as a Leader in LGBT Healthcare equality by the Human Rights Campaign. As a member of this training program, our departmental and residency leadership will take a truly personal interest in your education and is committed to your success and satisfaction in your future career.