Simulation Fellowship

Program Description

The Mount Sinai West and Morningside Emergency Medicine Simulation Fellowship provides advanced education in the dynamic field of simulation-based medical training. The Center for Advanced Medical Simulation (CAMS), at Mount Sinai West, is a fully interdisciplinary medical simulation center that provides instruction and coaching for a wide variety of medical and allied health practitioners from novice trainees to expert clinicians.  The Simulation Center leadership and faculty include physicians from the Department of Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine Critical Care, Anesthesiology, and Surgery. The Emergency Medicine Simulation Fellowship is a one year mentored fellowship that offers advanced training in simulation teaching, curriculum and operational design, quality improvement and simulation research paired with experiential opportunities to change actual medical practice.  As a major training site for residents and medical students, the fellows are able to work closely with junior trainees providing both clinical and teamwork based education on an ongoing basis throughout the year. They work closely with the administrative divisions to advance quality and safety through teamwork based training and research projects focused on risk reduction in the clinical environment. 

Fellows work clinically as half-time attending faculty and average 20 clinical hours per week (900 hours per year) in the Emergency Department at Mount Sinai West and Mount Sinai Morningside. Compensation for the Simulation Fellow includes a competitive salary and benefits based on half-time attending status. In addition to fellowship-related activities, the clinical duties will allow for enhancement of professional skills.

Fellowship Elements

Fellowship Objectives

Medical Simulation

Interpersonal and Team based learning

Systems Based Practice

Educational and Academic Activities


Simulation Fellows will generate independent research questions and develop projects under the guidance of faculty mentors.  Ongoing funded division research focuses on operational design, patient safety and quality improvement.  Each fellow will successfully initiate, at minimum, one scholarly project during the fellowship.  Fellows will submit appropriate research for presentation and publication. Fellows will attend a weekly meeting discussing important topics/articles in the field of medical simulation.


Application Requirements

Simulation Division

Joshua McHugh, MD  (fellowship director)

Wei Li, MD (faculty)

Jon Deassis, MD (faculty)

Max Rippe, MD (faculty)

Ed Diaz, MD (fellow)