Global Health


The inter-dependency of our current world means that global is truly local. Emergency medicine physicians are on the forefront of treating infectious diseases that have no borders and public health crises on a daily basis. The health of an individual and a population is dependent on a myriad of social, economic, behavioral and other structural factors. The Global Health Division at Mount Sinai Morningside-West aims to train and educate future leaders in emergency medicine who can make a difference in the lives of individuals and populations through effective actions and policy that address the underlying reasons for poor health.

International sites

We have our main project in the Dominican Republic but have established contacts in Mexico, Peru, Laos, Tanzania, Mozambique and Uganda.


The fellowship provides the opportunity to acquire necessary skills and professional contacts to facilitate a career in Global Health by coordinating activities between international clinical and research rotations, Mount Sinai St. Luke’s/West Departments of Emergency Medicine, Infectious Diseases/Travel Medicine Clinic, as well as partnering with a number of national and international NGO’s. The application deadline is October 1st. Interviews are conducted on a rolling basis.

This unique two year fellowship focuses on training fellows to develop the adult and pediatric clinical skills and knowledge base necessary to address the global impact of:

  1. Infectious diseases – HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, tropical and emerging infectious diseases
  2. Acute and chronic diseases, violence and injuries presenting to emergency rooms in resource limited settings, and
  3. International travelers seeking pre/post travel medical care.


  • MPH or MS with a focus on Epidemiology
  • Travel Medicine Clinic with Dr. John Cahill
  • UNICEF Nutrition Course
  • Completion of National HIV Curriculum
  • University of Minnesota Clinical Tropical Medicine and Global Health Curriculum
  • 6- 8 weeks of Fieldwork
  • Scholarly Project


We encourage residents to seek out mentorship in Global Health and to participate in a Global Health experience. Current Global Health experiences for residents include:

  • Clinical/research rotation in the Dominican Republic
  • Teaching and clinical experience in Uganda
  • Teaching Gambian medical students (EKG, splinting, suturing workshops)
  • Global Health Track - a series of lectures/meeting on crafted topics/readings and close mentorship designed to prepare you for a career in Global Health. Apply in your second year.
  • Funding is available for travel and courses on a case by case basis.


Dr. John Cahill

Division Director

Dr. Deepti Thomas-Paulose

Fellowship Director

Dr. Elizabeth Singer

Director of Human Rights Clinic

Dr. Ramona Sunderwirth

Former Division Director

Dr. Benjamin Wyler


Dr. Ramon Millan



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